Top 5 Approved Link Building Techniques in 2016


In Online Marketing & Media Posted February 25, 2016

Today, all SEO’s have one crucial question that how and which technique we use to build link in 2016. We are constantly analyzing our link building process from that we filtered out some technique from our success.

Here we revealed some link building techniques and hope you will get the same success from below mention techniques

1: Use concept of earn links not build links:

According to recent search engine algorithm updates, history and reputation of the website most important factor today to get ranked on the first page. Earning link is the most preferred way to get backlink but this part toughest part or link building. You can earn link by various ways like to join or connect with local Association, groups, community, building online relationships with neighboring websites.

2: Content Marketing

If you are digital marketing sector, maybe you heard this sentence “Content is King” from many SEO experts. You can make different kind of content like Info-graphics, Guest post, web 2.0, website list, videos, images, articles and case studies. Build interesting, readable, shareable content to promote your business and then you need to make strategy to share content on social media platforms and social bookmarking websites.

3: Build Local Citation:

If you run hotels, restaurants, clothing store and other local business then you need to share or submit your website into various local pages, yellow pages and local citations websites. This process is impressively helpful to increase traffic and lead generation. In the last couple of years, this link building activity is most popular for every local businesses.

4: Relationship Based Link Building:

You need more depth research to build a resource list of backlinks. You need to build relationships within the help of social media tools, join discussion communities, Sign In to good and quality, relevant forum website, search for competitors backlinks, external blog linking and search from social media influencers. For this activity you need to find out relevant resources and communicate consistently, approach honestly, be information and communication is always entertaining.

5: Testimonial, Interviews and Publishing Survey:

Here few other tips for building links like client’s testimonial on local submission pages or testimonial websites, take surveys from people and published on several survey websites or news websites, interview video also good ideas to make content and published on different kind of websites.

Above techniques are very helpful for avoiding major search engine algorithm updates penalty like a panda, penguin and hummingbird, we hope you will get better result in ranking, traffic and user visibility of your website.