Top Web Development Trends to Look Out For This Year [Guest Post]


In Guest Post, Websites and Web Technology Posted May 27, 2019


When it comes to web development trends, 2019 has seen a lot of them recently. Smart developers are constantly seeking newer and better ways to improve our experience on the web. Therefore, each year there’s some new trend that completely changes the web for the better. For example, some of the current trends include progressive web apps, responsive websites or chatbots. Each one of these has a noteworthy influence on the methods that are used for web developments. That is why developers should always strive to keep up with current trends that circulate in the web development community. Read on to learn more about the top web development trends for this year.

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The first one in web development trends: Progressive web apps

Not only are responsive websites a thing of the past, but there’s a whole new trend. Namely, web pages have to be progressive and resemble native mobile applications. This also means that they will be much friendlier for all users. The change was mostly inspired by the research that states the following: users spend approximately 80% of their time on mobile apps.

a person looking at an app on a phone

Progressive web pages should appear like mobile apps when you access them. When preloaded, the user will be able to access them even without connecting to the internet. With this new trend, the experience on the website will be identical to the one on the mobile app. You’ll have the feeling that you’re using an app instead of scrolling through the website. Therefore, this change is supposed to offer a native-like feeling for all users of different platforms. Additionally, progressive web pages can be viewed in full-screen, without the visible URL at the top.

There’s another way in which the identity of the brand will be visible: through push notifications. This will allow users to go straight to your website whenever they see the message on the screen. That is usually rarely possible with plain websites, and users will also be able to share the content from the web to any other app, not just facebook or twitter. Lastly, the main reason why this new trend is convenient for users is the fact that no internet connection is needed, even for the newly-added content. You can reach the website and view all the content without any trouble.

Chatbots, very popular among web development trends

a representation of chatbots, popular among web development trends

One very popular trend in web development lately is definitely chatbots. You’ll see them at all kinds of websites with the purpose of helping the user by answering questions. Some of these can answer simple questions while others are able to answer more difficult ones. Adding them to your website will make it more appealing to users and create even more traffic.

One way in which chatbots are a revolutionary trend is the fact that users get quick replies. This will prevent people from leaving your website because they can’t find what they need when in a hurry. With chatbots, the user receives entertainment and satisfaction because the reply is fast and their patience need not be tested.

Even though chatbots became popular in 2016, today the trend is still popular and developing year after year. So, if you are interested in including chatbots and other improvements to your website, consider 4Life Innovations. They have a professional team of highly qualified web developers who’ll undoubtedly give you the best results.

Accelerated speed for page loading

Considering the number of people who use smartphones on a daily basis, something should happen in order to improve the page loading speed. So, Google actually came up with accelerated mobile pages, a very popular innovation among web development trends. This trend supports the development of websites that work smoothly and are able to load instantly. Similarly, a speedy website also means the increase in the website’s visibility on Google.

So, if you want your users to have a positive experience while on your website, you should make a checklist before launching your website. Make sure that you’re up to date with all the latest web development trends that have been circulating for this year.

Voice search optimization

This trend has been around for quite some time and it keeps getting more popular. People are relying on voice search more and more which is exactly why your website should include it. This feature allows the users to search without typing and it is popular in following virtual assistants as well:

  • Siri
  • Cortana
  • Alexa
  • Google assistant
  • Echo

voice search optimization on a phone, common among web development trends

Applications with a single page

Single-page applications are perfect for users that don’t have time to go through all sorts of different pages on a website. These apps provide one page only and no need for navigation. The long web page will still have all the content but without requiring the page reloading when used. Single-page apps are the ones that people use on a daily basis like Gmail or Facebook for instance. These types of websites offer a nicely laid out page with everything the user needs to be presented in a simple and functional fashion.

Cyber security

Due to growing cyber security concerns, web developers are trying to come up with ways to stop hackers. Since there are a lot of opportunities for hackers to break into sites, there’s the increasing demand for safer websites. So, if you want to develop a website it is important to take these precautions into consideration. You surely don’t want to be faced with data breaches just like many companies out there had to be faced with.

Today, many developers are trying to solve the problem of cyber-attacks and put an end to any kind of threat. That being said, the growing cyber security concerns for this year are sure to lead to some improvements in this filed. Similarly, if you’re planning to develop a website for your business, you need to focus on this topic as well.