WooCommerce Feature Over Ecommerce Website


In Websites and Web Technology Posted February 25, 2016

@ WooCommerce Introduction

WooCommerce is the most popular freely available plugin for eCommerce website that allows you to sell all types of products built to integrate with WordPress platform.

It provides endpoint solution for almost every eCommerce website like various shipping method, payment methods, user subscription, all types of product support with most common filter option and product category, REST API, advanced product reviews and most powerful feature is it is fully SEO friendly plugin so it is one of the best and fastest growing online eCommerce solution.

WooCommerce provides a powerful shopping cart which is very secured and robust so we can add unlimited product lists in various categories.

There were lots of WooCommerce themes available on the web with lots of exciting features that we can install and customize as ourselves by super code editor available in WordPress.

@ WooCommerce Advantages

– It is open-source and freely available in the WordPress plugin directory.
– It provides fully responsive layouts for fronted and backed as well.
– It provides custom widgets for a product like bestselling products, list of the latest products, featured products, list of products on sale, list of top-rated products, recently viewed products, product categories, advance product search option.
– It provides the various type of filters like active layered nav filters, price filter slider and product category filter. We can also customize a plugin as we want.
– WooCommerce has lots of additional add-ons to use with for more flexibility and higher performance of website.
– The premium WooCommerce add-ons support customize dynamic pricing like simple category pricing, simple role-based pricing and advanced category pricing that gives developers complete control.

@ WooCommerce Disadvantages

– Updating plugin which may not support the current version may break fronted things so you may need to take care of the current version of platform with supported plugin version.
– WooCommerce does not support multiple currency, multiple language, product variants and multi-store, etc. by default so we have to buy those extensions to integrate into our eCommerce website so it becomes more expensive.

@ Most popular Add-ons of WooCommerce

I have listed down the most common and popular WooCommerce add-ons.

– Amazon Payments
– Order/Customer CSV Export
– Table Rate Shipping
– PayPal Pro.
– Print Invoices & Packing lists
– Product CSV Import Suite
– Gravity Forms Product Add-ons
– Shipment Tracking
– Smart Coupons